The Summer of Success

This summer at The Foster Group Legal Search has been our strongest quarter yet! During our weekly Strive and Succeed meeting with our recruiters, we took a look back to assess this tremendous series of placements and found the answer: women lawyers. The majority of the attorneys we placed this summer have been inspiring women with impressive backgrounds. As a result of many conversations with our candidates, including the discussion of business plans, interview preparation and strategic marketing, they have all received salary increases. More importantly, they have advanced their careers and will continue to expand their practices and skill sets at their new firms. Compensation discussions are always dynamic and difficult to navigate. With our guidance, a recent candidate of ours received and accepted an offer that nearly doubled her annual salary. We work with our candidates and take the time to understand their goals, and how they view factors such as long-term career growth, in conjunction with monetary considerations. 

Above the Law recently released “The 50 Best Law Firms for Women (2017),” and  led by Sallie Krawcheck, celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Midtown, which we all attended! Both highlighted the importance of networking and learning from women leaders in our community, a topic often discussed at The Foster Group, a woman-led company.

Above all, we focus the majority of our efforts to ensure that our candidates (whether women or men!) are well-prepared and excelling and performing at their highest potential. We are excited to have worked with so many women who have done just that. So a big congratulations to all the women this summer who have advanced in their careers and their lives!